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Annual accounts and tax return

Annual accounts and tax return

As per the end of the fiscal year, we will determine your company's operating results. The basis for this is a net income statement (Einnahmeüberschussrechnung) or a balance sheet and the profit and loss account. The annual accounts are the basic foundation for further planning and for the analysis of your company's performance capacity.

Immediate assistance

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Compilation and filing of the tax return

We will compile the tax return declarations for your company, for all corporate forms (sole traders, independent professions, partnerships, limited companies, domestic subsidiaries or branch offices of foreign companies). We will process communications with the tax office in a timely manner. We will check tax assessments and will lodge appeals should problems be identified.

  • Income tax declaration
  • Corporate income tax declaration and trade income tax declaration
  • VAT declaration and applications in VAT refund proceedings
  • Inheritance tax declaration
  • Capital transfer tax declaration

Analysis and interpretation

The annual accounts and theassociated tax returns are not merely an inconvenient duty, but rather provide the decisive data pool for the further development of the company. Using these data, positive as well as negative microeconomic developments within your company will become transparent.
A more broadly based analysisof these data can decisively influence your company's success.

Our services at a glance

  • Evaluation of the company's status (profitability, liabilities, asset structure, etc.) Comparison of corporate development over several years
  • Detailed overview of cost centres and cost elements and their development
  • Determination of comprehensive analysis targets
  • Overview in the form of personal discussions of the annual accounts and/or in the form of comprehensive reports

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