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Classic competition

Classic competition law

The objective of competition law is to fight unfair competition, i.e. anti-competitive advertising measures, incorrect or misleading information, trade libel and similar non-performance-related market behaviour. Businesses established in the market therefore oftenfollow up on their competitors' infringements, in order to prevent disadvantages.

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Consequences of competition infringements

The consequence of an infringement is usually a cease-and-desist letter with the request to issue a cease-and-desist declaration, and is associated with significant costs. Often, cease-and-desist declarations are worded in a manner so that future infringements are already foreseeable upon signing, so that the contractual penalty will fall due automatically. In order to avoid such far-reaching disadvantages, legal advice should be sought prior to signing a cease-and-desist declaration.


Classical reasons for warning letters in competition law:

  • Written warning legal notice (Impressum)/ Act on Telemedia
  • Written warning cancellation/ instructions on right of cancellation/ instructions on right to return products
  • Written warning standard terms and conditions
  • Written warning prices
  • Written warning information obligations
  • Written warning under competition law due to advertising/ advertising slogans

Our services in the area of competition law &amp advertising law:

  • Legal enforcement of, and defence against, cease-and-desist claims under competition law
  • Defence against written warnings
  • Written warning
  • Defence against illegitimate written warnings
  • Consultancy services for advertising activities (advertising law)
  • Advertising law for certain professions, such as doctors, tax consultants, etc.
  • Consultancy services for business ideas
  • Evaluation of internet presences with regard to competition law violations

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