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How to successfully organise corporate succession

Managing corporate succession

In Bavaria alone, approx. 12,000 companies per year, with a total of approx. 100,000 employees, are facing the question as to the most reasonable way of regulating corporate succession. If sustainable measures for the transfer are not taken in good time, the withdrawal of the company's management, whether due to retirement or illness, often endangers the survival of the entire company.

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Various options of succession

In addition to a succession within the family, as a gift or inheritance, or the sale of the company to investors or employees, numerous other forms of corporate succession are possible. The various options involve different chances and risks for the owner and the successors.

Corporate succession in Bavaria:

Portal of the Bavarian Ministry of Economy

  • Inheritance (will, contract of inheritance, compulsory succession) and gifts
  • Sale of the entire company or of parts to external investors and employees
  • Leasing of the company
  • Conversion into a non-listed public company

Our services:

Corporate succession can only be organised successfully if owners and successors cooperate in a spirit of partnership. We have designed our services to assist both sides, and will accompany the entire process of corporate succession.

  • Specific consultancy services with regard to the various options of corporate succession
  • Selection of suitable companies for start-ups
  • Selection of suitable investors in case of a sale
  • Validation of the company and of the takeover risks
  • Assessment of subsidy options and tax-related aspects of corporate succession
  • Consultancy services regarding potential financing concepts
  • Support during the entire transfer process