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Lawyers costs

Fees for legal advice, mediation and proceedings before arbitral tribunals and courts

Do you need initial consultancy by a lawyer in order to have the chances of success of a case assessed professionally? The fees for such services depend on the value of the object in dispute, the necessary work involved, and the level of difficulty. For the benefit of the client, the fee for the initial consultancy will be set off in full against the remuneration charged for a potential subsequent assignment.

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Mediation costs

The fee due for a mediation process depends on the value of the interests (for instance whether commercial or private) and on the necessary work involved. We will be pleased to provide you with a detailed quote which is acceptable for both parties in dispute.

Arbitration costs

The lawyers fees due forarbitration proceedings depend on the value of the interests (for instance whether commercial or private) and on the necessary work involved. In addition to this and depending on the outcome of the proceedings, fees for the arbitrators and administration costs will fall due. Upon request, we will be glad to provide you with a cost estimate relating to your specific case.

Costs of representation in legal proceedings

out-of-court costs

For civil law activities out of court, the sum of the lawyers fees depends on the value in dispute, for instance if the case relates to a disputed payment claim. If claims are to be collected out-of-court, a service fee will be charged; a conciliation fee will fall due if the claim can be settled with the opponent.


Fee for pleading in court

In civil court proceedings, a fee for pleading in court will fall due in addition to the procedural fee if the lawyer attends court hearings. If agreement with the opponent can be reached in court, a settlement fee will be charged. One half of the mentioned service fee will be set off against the procedural fee, if such fee falls due.


Framework fees in criminal proceedings

In criminal proceedings (state sanctions for culpable wrongdoing), legislation provides for so-called framework fees which depend on the level of difficulty, the scope of the lawyer's activities and the significance of the matter for the client. In addition to a basic fee for the work necessary to get to know the case, and a procedural fee for the handling of the case, the lawyer's participation in court hearings is compensated for by payment of a hearing fee.

By the way: A legal costs insurance can help you mitigate the financial risks involved in litigation. Please note that certain areas of law are usually excluded from such insurance cover, such as divorce (only consultancy services are covered), defence against damage claims and claims relating to commercial or self-employed activities.

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