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Financing concept and procurement of subsidies

Financing concept and subsidies

If you do not have the capital required for urgent investments, the issue of a suitable financing concept arises. We will provide objective consultancy services during the procurement of the necessary capital,will assist you during negotiations with banks and potential investors and in the handling of all necessary formalities.

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Procurement of subsidies

In addition to tax reductions, thegovernment supports companies in financing necessary investments by offering a number of different programmes. It is therefore worthwhile to obtain a systematic overview of the various programmes. However, such programmes often involve a series of formalities.


Our services:

  • Compilation of relevant subsidy programmes (regional,nbspnational and trade-specific subsidy programmes, programmes run by the European Union, subsidy programmes for the Turkish growth market etc.)
  • Compilation of all documents required for an application
  • Timely handling of all formalities

Bank loans and leasing

Bank loans and leasing offers for company are the two classical forms of financing. We will provide objective and independent consultancy during the selection of adequate offers, also taking into consideration legal,tax-related and microeconomic aspects.

  • Objective and independent assessment of loan and leasing offers
  • Consideration of legal, tax-related and microeconomic aspects
  • Support during loan negotiations and compilation of all necessary documents

Other financing concepts

In addition to state subsidies, bank loans or leasing offers, other financing concepts may be reasonable under certain circumstances. We will provide you with an overview of suitable potential financing options, such as Mezzanine capital, private equity, venture capital etc., will identify potential investment partners, and support you during negotiations.