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Framework agreements for companies and banks

Framework agreements and lump-sum fees for companies and banks

For our regular business partners, we offer custom-tailored framework contracts. In particular for support services in out-of-court matters, we offer the option of monthly lump-sum fees. Lump-sum fees are also offered for loan collections from countries outside Germany. For you, this ensures a high level of cost transparency.

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Ensuring repayment of loans from Turkey

Special services for banks

For our research services, we will charge a lump-sum fee amounting to one per cent of the shortfall volume, plus statutory VAT, with a minimum and maximum limit.


In accordance with the fee agreement, we will charge ten per cent of the shortfall sum, plus statutory VAT, also with a minimum limit, for the entire legal services. For larger claimed sums, the fee can be negotiated for the individual case.


In addition to this, court fees amounting to one to three per cent of the value of the subject matter will fall due, and will be invoiced separately.

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