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International personnel management

International personnel management

The Turkish high growth market offers interesting perspectives to European companies, not merely because of the low labour costs. Due to the different levels of qualification, but also due to inter-cultural differences, personnel management is not always easy for European companies. Let us support you.

Immediate assistance

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Support during recruiting in Turkey

Language barriers, but most importantly the inter-cultural differences between Germany and Turkey often lead to problems when it comes to staffing management positions in Turkish subsidiaries.


Local infrastructure

We will be pleased to assist you in your recruitment efforts. Even before opening your subsidiary in Turkey, you can use our local infrastructure and experienced human resources experts. In cooperation with Turkish human resources partners we will support you in setting up your new team in Turkey, and in successfully linking it to the European headquarters.

Advanced training and coaching

The Academy

Advanced training and coaching with a focus on Europe-Turkey

Setting up successful business relations in Turkey requires comprehensive know how. In addition to the hard facts, the decisive areas are social competence and a profound knowledge of the inter-cultural differences between the two countries. We will be glad to share our know-how.

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