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Purchase and sale of a businesses

Purchase and sale of a business

The sale of a company involves enormous risks for sellers and purchasers, and therefore needs to be prepared comprehensively and systematically, even though the underlying reasons differ: Sellers and purchasers both are dependent on an exact and clear analysis of the company or part of a company which is to be sold, as well as on the best possible planning of the sales process.

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Necessary analyses for the purchaser

For the purchaser, the important issue is to assess as realistically as possible the performance capacity of the targeted company, potential synergies and possible sources of resistance (for instance customers, employees) and risks (such as market changes) in case of a takeover, and to develop suitable takeover strategies.


Necessary analyses for the seller

On the seller's side, an important aspect, especially if parts of a company are sold, is to ensure that the sale does notimpair the remaining parts of the company (for instance due to loss of synergies and subsequently falling profitability, loss of critical information for the remaining business segments etc.). The sellers therefore also need an exact analysis of the company's situation - but also of the potential investors.

Due Diligence

Analysis of the target company

We provide consultancy services for both sellers and purchasers, and support them in the systematic analysis of the target company. Sellers are thus provided with the necessary information to present the company to be sold in the best possible and comprehensible manner. At the same time, the best possible form of a corporate division can be identified.


Potential purchasers are provided with a differentiating image of the object of purchase, including an assessment of potentials (synergies, market expansion etc.), but also of the risks (market chances, efficiency issues, financing problems, incorrect planning data, potential sources of resistance etc.).


Our services - due diligence analysis:

  • Analysis of profitability, cash flow and asset structure
  • Critical analysis of the target company's planning data, taking into consideration competitors and changes in the market
  • Critical analysis of the target company's product range and operational efficiency, identification of savings potential and modernisation requirements

Support during the entire sales process

In order to successfully handle the sale of a company, a number of further aspects need to be managed. Our interdisciplinary team will provide comprehensive support, before, during and after the sale. Common pitfalls can thus be avoided.