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Successful start-up of a company

Successful start-up of a company

Numerous start-ups fail during the first few years. Such failures can be frequently traced back to lack of know how. Suddenly, the task is to solve problems which had played no part in past occupational experience. It is proof of business acumen to take advantage of outside expertise at an early stage. The government takes a similar view and supportsthe utilisation of consultancy services during a business start-up with a variety of programmes.

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Market analysis and business plan

Usually, business start-ups involve significant investments. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically examine whether and to what extent a service or a product can be offered successfully in the market, and what yields are to be expected.


What is needed is a systematic approach

In this context, the focus cannot merely be on the present situation and the own company. Rather, it is necessary to systematically analyse customer requirements and the development of potential competitors, and to reliably forecast future developments. On this basis, a realistic corporate concept can be developed, taking into consideration the necessary investments and existing performance capacities.

Check lists provided by the Ministry for Economics and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie)

on the keyword "Fördermittel"


Financing concept and subsidies

If you do not have the capital required for the start-up at your disposal, the issue of a suitable financing concept arises. We will provide objective consultancy regarding the development of a reliable financing concept, and will support you during negotiations and with the necessary formalities:

  • Government subsidies: Regional, national and trade-specific subsidy programmes, programmes run by the European Union, subsidy programmes for th
  • Bank loans and leasing: We support you during the selection of suitable partners, in the application process and with regard to the compilation of the necessary documents etc.
  • Other financing concepts: In addition to the two well-known financing options, a variety of other financing concepts can be used, depending on the nature of the project, such as Mezzanine capital, private equity, venture capital etc.

Compliance management

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Formalities and legal obligations

The start-up of a companyinvolves numerous formalities, such as the registration with the trade licensing office and the trade register etc. These steps depend on the industry and the legal form chosen for the company. We will support you, thus ensuring efficient and fast processing, so that you can concentrate on your main business right from the start.


Corporate Compliance

Even after the start-up of the company, numerous legal provisions need to be complied with. In addition to well-known obligations relating to billing and accounting, this also includes issues of data protection, labour law, information obligations etc. -examples are manifold. If these provisions are not complied with, this may lead to sometimes drastic consequences.


Today, companies are therefore facing the challenge of continuously needing to be up-to-date with regard to the rules to be complied with, and to ad here to them in day-to-day operations. Here, we will provide support.

Personal security:

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Personal security

Whilst employees are comprehensively secured by the social security systems such as the compulsory unemployment, health and pension insurance, this in principle does not apply to self-employed persons. Depending on the legal form of the company, self-employed persons are liable with their private capital resources in case of a failure and with regard to claims for damages. This means that suitable measures for personal security are indispensable. We provide objective and independent advice.

  • Choice of the legal form, liability-related issues
  • Private retirement provisions, health insurance, disability insurance

Establishment of efficient corporate structures

In order for you to be able to focus on your core business, all corporate processes should be organised as efficiently and effectively as possible, right from the beginning. We can show you options for a modern corporate infrastructure, and will discuss with you the outsourcing or rationalisation possibilities.