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Accounting with a future

Accounting with a future

Day-to-day accounting is an essential obligation for every company, under commercial law and under tax law. In addition to this, it provides an indispensable foundation for all corporate decisions. We will support you in this important task with our know how and our modern infrastructure

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Innovation in accounting with the help of modern technology

Uncomplicated transfer of records:
In addition to the classical method of transmitting your records by post, you can also simply send your records in digital form. For this purpose, you send us your records by fax. The records will be automatically digitalised and prepared for further processing and account assignment by our staff. This process even includes an automatic pre-assignment of the records, which significantly reduces the time required for processing and account assignment by our staff.

The advantages of digital records can be summarised as follows:

  • No expenses for the collection and sorting of records
  • Automatic pre-assignment accelerates and facilitates account assignment
  • Records will always be kept at your premises, which means you can access all records at all times
  • Our firm can promptly access the digital records, which allows analysis on a day-to-day basis
  • Accounting on a day-to-day basis allows effective dunning procedures and optimum liquidity due to the exact timing of payments
  • Records in digital form can be archived, ensuring legal compliance
  • This means that they are also protected against environmental influence

Our services in the area of financial accounting

  • Digital processing of records, including account assignment
  • Compact overview for receivables and liabilities
  • Permanent monitoring of open positions
  • Reliable microeconomic analyses
  • Online access to records and analyses
  • Advance VAT returns
  • Application for refund of foreign VAT

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