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Criminal proceedings for tax offences

In cases of criminal prosecution due to tax evasion and/or economic offences, it must be taken into consideration that usually proceedings before the tax office will be initiated at the same time. In these proceedings, the taxpayer will bear the burden of presentation (which is not the case in normal criminal proceedings), so that a refusal to give evidence in order to avoid detriments is not an option

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Prompt support by a defence lawyer is decisiveYou should contact a lawyer as soon as you learn of the opening of criminal proceedings for tax offences against yourself. This applies in particular if your premises are being searched.


The lawyer will promptly contact the supervisor of the search, and will initiate suitable measures. Experience has shown thattheinvestigation authorities do make mistakes, which often can be severe and provable, so that the exploitation of the information obtained due to the illegal measurecan be prohibited.

A strong team at your side

In criminal proceedings for tax offences, defence counsels do not have to be lawyers, but can also be tax consultants. In ourlawyers, specialists in criminal law and tax law, our tax consultants and cooperation partners in accounting, you will always have a powerful team at your side.


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