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Optimum tax planning

Best possible planning of your tax burden

Tax law is a very complex and non-transparent area.However, on closer inspection, it provides a multitude of opportunities, in particular for companies, of reducing their tax burden. This allows the regaining of essential room for manoeuvre for investments and for a corporate management which will be successful in the long run.

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Broad expertise and analytic skills are called for
In order to adjust the corporate activities in the best possible way with regard to tax issues, broad expertise and an exact analysis of your tax-related situation are called for. This applies even more if your company has an international focus. In this case, the tax rules applicable in the relevant foreign countries, including double taxation conventions, must be taken into consideration in addition to German tax law provisions.

Aspects of an optimum planning of your tax burden:

  • Choice of the suitable corporate form
  • Tax-related issues during the purchase or sale of a business
  • Tax-related issues concerning investments
  • Tax-related issues concerning the planning of supply and service relationships
  • Consultancy regarding subsidies

Optimum tax planning for companies with international operations:

  • International location planning
  • Planning under aspects of tax law, social law and labour law if employees are to be posted abroad
  • Investments in other countries
  • Utilisation of double taxation conventions

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