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Personnel accounting

Wages and salaries

Have you noticed that salary statements are getting more and more complex every year, and that revisions of statutes are passed at shorter and shorter intervals? It is important to always be up to date! Our team will support you in achieving this goal.

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Full salary accounting services

We will provide support: As your competent and reliable partner, we will attend to all task relating to salary accounting, including all associated activities. Here, you will be in good company: More than one million companies in Germany are processing their payments via a tax consultant.

Your benefits:

  • We will take care of everything for you
  • We will compile your employees' salary and wage statements in good time and in a reliable manner. Recent changes in the law will always be taken into consideration. You will not have to worry about the proper compilation of the statements
  • You will always be well advised
  • We will at all times be the competent partner at your side - for all issues which may occur relating to wage and salary accounting
  • Your data will be safe
  • We will ensure the absolutely safe storage and archiving of your salary data. The retention period for salary documents is 10 years, which means a lot of information will accumulate.

Wage accounting

Our services:

  • Full processing of wage accounting, including preparation of money transfers, monthly wage analyses etc.
  • Income tax declarations to the tax office
  • Notification of contributions to the health insurance companies
  • Compilation of income tax certificates and documents of proof of insurance
  • Registration and de-registration with health insurance companies, insurance providers and employers' liability insurance associations
  • Processing of short-time allowance payments and handling of the necessary applications
  • Applications for the reimbursement of the employer's expenses under the Aufwendungsausgleichsgesetz (illness, maternity)
  • Consultancy services in income tax related matters
  • Consultancy services in issues relating to labour law (employment, dismissal etc.)

Your contact in matters relating to taxation