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Monitoring of television advertising

Competition law in television advertising

Many companies - not only the larger ones - have discovered television as a medium for targeted advertising activities.Naturally, almost every company will try to show his product in a better light in comparison to his competitors. Limited advertising times and high costs often mean that such advertising activities do not fulfil all requirements of competition law.

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Infringements of competition law
The decision as to when such infringement is considered to have been committed, is strongly dependent on the individual case. For instance, comparative advertising is now permitted in principle, but has to be used in a highly sensitive manner in order to be considered to be lawful under the provisions of the act against unfair competition (UWG).


Elaborate discount systems and give-aways in order to ensure permanent customer retention are permitted in principle. However, such sales promotion measures are subject to clear limitations under competition law. Furthermore, a powerful slogan can easily constitute an infringement of an existing trademark or copyright.

Modern infrastructure:

Systematic monitoring of international broadcasting channels

Recordings as evidence

Preventative consultancy services and monitoring of competitors

We provide preventative consultancy services regarding the limits of that which is permitted in your advertising shows, in order to prevent written warnings by competitors. Furthermore, the systematic monitoring of your competitors' media presence is indispensable to avoid disadvantages.

To enable us to monitor the medium of TV, our headquarters in Nuremberg is equipped with a modern satellite system which allows us to receive all German, Russian and Turkish language broadcasting stations. The systematic control of television advertising allows us to identify on your behalf infringements of competition law committed by your competitors, and to initiate adequate measures.


Furthermore, we are able to detect infringements of your trademark or copyrights in your competitors' advertising blocks. In order to secure the necessary evidence, we also offer the option of technically recording your competitors' television advertising on modern storage media.


Our services:

  • Systematic monitoring of advertising blocks in German, Russian or Turkish
  • Securing of evidence
  • Assessment regardingnbspcompliance with the act against unfair competition (UWG)
  • Pre-judicial and judicial enforcement of your claims against competitors, using the classical legal instruments of competition law

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