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Interpreting services

Interpreting services

We offer a variety of interpreting services for negotiations, conferences or trade conventions. In addition to the well-established simultaneous interpreting, our staff are also trained in consecutive interpreting and whispered interpreting.
Consecutive interpreting and whispered interpreting are normally used for a smaller audience, and do not require technical equipment.

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Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the oldest type of oral translation. If necessary, the interpreter will take notes during the lecture which he/she will incorporate into the subsequent translation of a longer segment of text.


This type of translation should be concise and particularly well structured in order to relieve the audience of the burden caused by the extended speaking time. Apart from unilateral consecutive interpreting (for instance during a lecture), bilateral consecutive interpreting allows mutual communication between two or more discussion partners (for instance in interviews or negotiations).

Consecutive interpreting

This type of interpreting is still fairly young and requires utilisation of conference technology. The interpreter works in a sound-proof booth and translates the speaker's words almost simultaneously. The translation is transmitted via a microphone to the headphones used by the participants of the conference.


This type of interpreting is very demanding, both mentally (high level of concentration) and physically (voice strain), and requires sophisticated interpreting techniques and high professional expertise. To compensate for the associated stress level, simultaneous interpreters work in teams of at least two during important negotiations, and take turns at certain intervals of time.


Profit from our extensive experience by using simultaneous interpreting in contract negotiations, court proceedings, judicial hearings and police questionings.

Relay mode

This type of interpreting is used for simultaneous interpreting and means that a rare language (such as Maltese) is first rendered to a more widely known working language (such as English) which then is conveyed by other interpreters into their respective target languages. The interpreter working directly from the source language is also referred to as the pivot.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting (also referred to as chuchotage) is a form of simultaneous interpreting which does not require technical aids. In this case, the interpreter sits between or behind his/her not more than two listeners, and renders the translation in a very low voice. As this interpreting technique is very demanding, it can only be used for a limited period of time.

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