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special options for persons with low income

Legal aid for consultancy and litigation - special options for persons with low income

Persons with low income can obtain consultancy services from a lawyer of their choice, for a fee of ten Euro. This applies, for instance, to persons drawing any form of welfare aid, i.e. Sozialhilfe, Arbeitslosengeld II or Hartz IV. It also applies for benefits under the law for asylum seekers (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz).

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Legal advice aid ("Beratungshilfe")

Legal advice aid may be granted for out-of-court legal consultancy and representation under the act on legal advice aid (BerHG). In criminal law cases and if administrative offences have been committed, only legal advice will be granted, which means that the lawyer will not act in relation to third parties, neither by letter nor by telephone.

Important: Legal advice aid does not cover the lawyer and court costs for the court proceedings. Should the intended enforcement of rights or defence have sufficient chance of success, you may, however, apply for legal aid (Prozesskostenhilfe) which the legislator has provided for in order to financially support persons with low income during court proceedings.

Legal aid (Prozesskostenhilfe)
If required, we will apply on your behalf to the competent court for legal aid. If legal aid is granted, the court costs as well as the fees of the lawyer of your choice will be borne by the state. In cases where this is reasonable, legal aid may also be granted as an advance payment which must be repaid in instalments over a period of not more than four years.

Important: Legal aid will only cover the court costs and the costs of your own lawyer. Should the case be lost, you will have to pay the opponent's lawyer.


By the way: In addition to state legal aid, private litigation financing has been available since 1998.

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