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Holistic consultancy - Law & Taxes

Our areas of competence in tax consultancy

Our interdisciplinary team can offer you optimum service for all tax-related issues, whether they be day-to-day accounting tasks, annual accounts and tax returns or complex aspects ofnbsptax planning, issues of international tax law or representation in criminal proceedings for tax offences.

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We provide consultancy services in the following areas

  • income tax, wage and salary tax
  • employee savings allowance and housing bonus
  • tax relief schemes for private retirement provisions
  • tax-saving options
  • choice of the most favourable tax bracket
  • taxation of pensions (under the Alterseinkünftegesetz)
  • inclusion of child care costs and of household employment contracts and the associated employee's duties in the tax statement
  • services in the household/ at the house or flat (private repair and modernisation work)

We file applications for

  • reduction of income tax
  • income tax assessment
  • non-assessment certificates
  • tax-relief for income from interest or set-off of capital yields tax or corporate income tax (interest income taxes)
  • child allowance
  • home-buyer allowance (basic subsidy, additional child allowance, eco bonus)
  • housing bonus
  • employee savings allowance
  • tax-relief for private retirement provisions (Riester and Rürup insurances)

Your contact in matters relating to taxation