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Accounting with a future

Tax return

We will be pleased to assist you in the compilation of your tax return.
We determine your income and expenses relevant for tax purposes. Based on this, we will support you in analysing your financial situation and will inform you in an independent and objective manner of suitable measures to build your assets or your private provisions for old age

Immediate assistance

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Compilation and filing of the tax return

We will attend to the compilation and filing of you private tax returns. We will process communications with the tax office in a timely manner. We will check tax assessments and will lodge appeals should problems be identified.

  • Income tax declaration
  • Inheritance tax declaration
  • Gift tax declaration

Analysis and interpretation
The preparation and filing of your private tax return is more than an inconvenient duty. Rather, this data forms an important basis for analysing your financial situation and taking suitable measures with the aim of building assets or of taking reasonable measures for private retirement provisions.

Our services at a glance

  • Preparation and filing of all relevant tax returns
  • Communication with the tax office
  • Evaluation of the tax assessment, initiation of suitable measures (objections etc.)
  • Analysis of your financial situation (building of assets, retirement provisions etc.)
  • Independent and objective consultancy with regard to suitable forms of savings and investments, retirement provisions, tax-savings schemes etc.
  • Depending on your requirements and wishes, we will inform you either in personal meetings or by means of detailed reports

Your contact in matters relating to taxation